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MMR vaccine controversies and the rising of measles cases

Hi Everyone, I was really troubled to see in the news that having eliminated the measles virus in 2016, in August 2019 the UK lost its measles-free status. I, therefore, thought that we would talk through the controversy surrounding the measles (MMR) vaccinations and why the cases are rising again. This is not good news… Continue reading MMR vaccine controversies and the rising of measles cases


My bumpy road from BSc to PhD

Hi everyone, This is a post that I've long put off writing. I suffer a lot from imposter syndrome, and sometimes don't feel like I deserve to be where I am. Until now I have been embarrassed about my bumpy road throughout my degrees, not wanting to talk about it in case it results in… Continue reading My bumpy road from BSc to PhD


Preparing for the dreaded PhD interviews

Hi Everyone, As someone who has attended their fair share of PhD interviews, I know how they can make you feel. There is really no getting away from the fact that PhD interviews are daunting. Some would even say horrendous. However, there are certain steps that you can take to prepare yourself in the best… Continue reading Preparing for the dreaded PhD interviews

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The rising star of disease model systems – organoids

Hi Everyone, Today I want to talk to you about something a little bit different, a new therapeutic tool that has not been widely broadcast but these interesting lumps of cells are quickly becoming key-players in therapeutics and disease model systems - organoids (mini-organs). A common problem when studying disease, is accessibility. Especially if the… Continue reading The rising star of disease model systems – organoids


Umbilical cords as a treatment for cancer

Hi everyone, An interesting article that caught my attention on the BBC recently was discussing the rise in individuals storing their umbilical cord blood in private blood banks as opposed to public stem cell banks. I thought that today I’d chat a bit about the issues surrounding this, and start a bit of a discussion about… Continue reading Umbilical cords as a treatment for cancer


Inspiring Women in Science

Hi everyone! During March, I was enthused to see that my university celebrated International Women’s Day. However this got me thinking... When I, and probably many others, think of scientists, I think of very wrinkly, old men (sorry Darwin) and it is acknowledged to be a male-dominated field. In fact, the percentage of women working… Continue reading Inspiring Women in Science


Murderers and the Anatomy Act

Hi Everyone, Not many of you probably think about what happens when something is removed from your body during a GP visit or a hospital trip. Anything from a small skin sample to a mastectomy, if you live in the UK, these will make their way to your local histology lab. Whilst here, they will… Continue reading Murderers and the Anatomy Act